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About Us
This web site is full of information for the general aviation pilot planning a trip to Utah or nearby areas.  The contents, in some cases, may be slightly out of date and should not take the place of official sources of information to be used in your flight planning.  ALWAYS get an updated preflight weather briefing from an official source before your departure, check for any NOTAMS which may be in effect, and consult your Airport Facilities Directory for the latest information.  Fly smart, fly safe.
    Chris Dunn is currently the Chief Meteorologist for KYW Channel 3, Philadelphia's CBS affiliate.  Until January of 2002, he was the Chief Meteorologist for KUTV Channel 2, Salt Lake City's CBS affiliate.  He is an instrument-rated private pilot, a member of the Utah Wing of the Civil Air Patrol and a mission pilot for Angelflight West.  He has also ventured into the classroom, teaching a course in aviation meteorology at Westminster College in Salt Lake City.  He can also be found online as the Student Pilot Network's "Flying Weatherman."